Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Collaborative Hat - pattern

Carollee and I are working on a collaborative piece...a tapestry hat for the ASCH fiber conference Color Connects which will take place in Riverside March 2009. If it comes out as we expect, we will enter it into the fashion show. We will be using the conference colors and hope to have some sort of bird theme.

These are the pattern pieces for the hat...we will be weaving each piece separately.

There will be two of the large donut shaped pieces. One will be on the top and the other underneath with some stiffening between. The hat will fold forward in one place so the bottom comes to the top and part of the front will be hidden.

Each of those donut pieces are about 22 inches wide so it is a big hat and we needed a fairly wide portable loom to weave the tapestry on. Fortunately, Barbara had an empty loom which we were able to borrow.

So we are on our way. Carollee is weaving the first donut piece in Oregon over the summer. When she is done and back I will weave the second one on the same loom with the same warp. We [actually Carollee did most of the warping] put on enough warp to weave both donuts.

Next step - - dyeing the yarn.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Fiber Notes from Nicki said...

It just occured to me that we could have done those big donut shaped pieces using that shaped tapestry technique that I just learned in the workshop with Susan Iverson. We could weave the piece with cardboard dart spacers and later take out the spacers and pull the warp tight. It would pull into the shape of the brim... assuming we did it correctly.

Oh well, perhaps we will try that on our next hat!


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