Friday, June 01, 2007

White Rabbit Day

[PS I apologize for the weird spacing...I can't seem to get the photos to line up right...]

It was a white rabbit day at our tapestry group...happy warps to all who attended. I brought my camera so progress pictures are in order.

First, I am sure you recognize the bathroom and the naked fiber artist, ah a fiber artist less her fiber, in this tapestry.

It was sewing day today...slits as well as those bookmarks on the back. Another day or two of sewing and it should be time for a cutting off ceremony. This is a piece that only has progress at our tapestry group meetings. Rumor has it, this piece was started right after the let's see...does that make it two years? Ah, but worth the wait!

The C brought a great mirror for her loom at a 99cent store in Japan town. It folds up and opens nicely to fit and sit behind the loom. It was made in China and sold in a Japanese store in Los figure!

I tried to get a good you can see both the mirror and the image in the mirror of the tapestry. I am sure you can recognize all those wonder fruits for dessert. We will have to wait until it is off the loom to see all the dots.

I took another photo of the back of a melon becoming complete. It's not often you see a melon completed. In fact, this is a first for me.

A's leaves continue to fall...

once complete this tapestry should be really neat with all the negative space. Hung by a window, it should look like beautiful leaves falling - like the outside coming in.

Here is my In Search of a Kiss. I have one shot at the beginning of the session with my bobbins from Fireside...

and one a couple hours later.

I was able to to finish the entire hem during this tapestry session. Then, after lunch, I twined the last two rows, loosened the warp and and am now letting it rest. To see a read a bit more about it and see a nice here!

M brought here new bobbins from Shannock to use. Note how they are rounded on both sides. Not like mine which are pointed at one end. Check out the hem of the weaving...yes, that is a color photo and not in grey scale...but do check out the lovely greys. Does this say Sweeet? Don't seee it yet...just wait.

And is this the cartoon that H is working on?

No only kidding....

Birthday cake anyone?


At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow -- the naked fiber artist looks sensational in the photo. All the different planes and angles really show up when on gets distance from that small, powerful piece.

Hopefull it will hang in a place where it cana be viewed from some distance. Is this the start of a series???

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am soooooo glad I clicked on "click here" and got to go In Search of a Kiss

Outstanding; Life is a maze


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