Friday, June 15, 2007

Second Friday in June

There was a small but quality group at Tapestry Friday today. I forgot my camera so alas no pictures. There was a good discussion on bobbins, setts & a variety of medical conditions...but not much weaving...

A few memorable moments - -

Three folks picked up their As Masterful as Van Gogh but Uniquely Mine packages. This is the annual Southern California Handweavers' Guild Challenge. We have until October to create something that is inspired by a Van Gogh painting as well as the year of our birth. Everyone has a different Van Gogh painting but his colors are so recognizable it should be fun to see the end results. It doesn't have to be a simply must be at least half handwoven or handspun and not too big.

Another moment to make you smile - - H kept staring at her weaving with such an odd and puzzled look. She tried a bit of yarn here...a bit of yarn there...but nothing seemed to work...she was quite quiet...not a normal state for simply knew that something was troubling her. Then... she simply threw up her hands in defeat...she just couldn't figure out how the tapestry in front of her was to become a piece of birthday cake. It did not look like a piece of cake at all. [And in fact that was quite true. Turns out the tapestry in her hands was not of a piece of cake...the tapestry loom with the half finished birthday cake was on the bookcase near the door. Puzzle solved. ]

M handed out the Kathe Todd-Hooker's book, Tapestry 101 to those who ordered it. I have a copy for J and B. Perhaps they will be at the turnover meeting tomorrow. If not, I will keep their books captive. They owe M $24.33 which I am not responsible for collecting. Too bad I already have a copy which I have read and highlighted. There was a lot of good stuff in the book...stuff I have never seen written down in any other book. If you didn't get a should get one.

C is up in Oregon now. She has successfully accepted my invitation to be a co-author on this blog to keep us informed as to what's she up to and how her melons and other fruits are progressing. So, let us encourage her to write!


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