Thursday, June 22, 2006

Middle Major

Ah the Middle Major Key is a joy to weave.

It is clear to me why it is the most used value key. It is so easy to use. The color selection is not difficult and the colors remain true. And you get a wonderful sense of satisfaction as everything seems to come together effortlessly. Things done in this key just seem to look "right".

In the Middle Major Key the middle value colors dominate and they are combined with very light and very dark accents. Although I don't really care that much for the colors in my middle value palette of yarns, this was simply a joy to weave. The addition of the very light and very dark make for a good design and adds the needed dimension to the middle value colors.

It evokes strength, boldness, stability and balance. Clearly this is a key to use for the 'middle of the bell' curve pieces. It should yield good satisfying pieces that evoke a solid and balanced impression for the viewer. It would also be a good palette to select when in a workshop and trying to learn some new technique. By using this palette you wouldn't be distracted by problem colors.

I liked this key so much, I did another with the same cartoon but in a different hue. This little tapestry wove up in less than two hours....And it was quite a satisfying two hours.

The end result is fabulous...and quite similar to the first one but yet so different. It too, looks 'right' - well balanced, stable and implying strength. This a perfect key for many pieces.

But it is clear to me, moving to other keys - particularly the minor keys can evoke a strong yet subtle emotion from a piece and make viewers study it longer to figure out what is not quite right...


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Undiva said...

I'm learning so much from your work -- especially from your comments and observations. Your words are a valuable addition to the Menz book.

Soonly ... Undiva


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