Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Preparing for the Mid-Values

My baby Shannock was warped at the last tapestry meeting and is awaiting discoveries in the middle values.

I am using a medium gray warp; 3/2 pearl cotton with space for four weavings and lots of warp left over on the top and bottom so I can braid the edges.

There are three on queue...

1. Middle Minor uses only the middle values. Since there are no accents the overall impact should be serene, perhaps quiet and stable. With bright colors it can be exciting. With unsaturated colors - a feeling of distance. This will be a bit tough, since I really don't care too much for my mid-value colors...

2. Middle Major uses most of the middle values plus some very light and very dark as accents. I [we] should see strength, boldness, stability and balance. According to Color Works, the middle key looks different in different mediums. I look forward to seeing how it looks in a little tapestry using my cotton/silk blend of yarn and comparing the results with the photos in the book.

3. Extended Middle Minor will include the neighbor of middle minor on each side for its color palette. The neighbors of mid-value are some really fun colors. I look forward to working on this one. This key has a little more contrast than the middle minor but less than the middle major. It is supposed to be surrealistic.

Hmmm...this sounds like fun. Too bad I am busily working on a taquete scarf and a large tapestry of Saturn right now. This will have to wait until the next group Tapestry Day.


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