Friday, May 04, 2007

Progress Report - May 4th

Our tapestry group met this morning and there was much discussion of the Dots & Dessert tapestry challenge. The theme is desserts and one must incorporate the tapestry technique of dots...and have about perhaps 25% of the piece be grey.

I have finished the maze portion of the piece and have about 2.5 inches to go. Anne has come up with a wonderful cartoon showing chocolate oozing over a ripe pear. Hilda is on her way. Deborah has finished. Margie has finished her weaving and is into the 'finishing' process on her's not ready for viewing yet. Carollee has started her piece portraying a fruit market using the most beautiful hand dyed silk.

And yes...I did take some pictures....

Looking at the photos below, the first shows the desserts one should have....the second portrays the desserts we prefer.

Remember we are trying to finish our pieces by the August picnic. And yes there is one that is complete! Check it out...

And here are some photos of other pieces in the works...the first portrays gently falling leaves...and the second shows the final tweaking of Janie's self portrait.

See you in a couple of weeks - - happy weaving!