Friday, March 03, 2006

Six Divas Dancing...

Six divas not really...but six of us did meet today at Diva #3's place for our Friday tapestry get together. We missed our four weaving divas who were caught either in our terrible rainy weather or in that terrible worm hole called 'too many things - - too little time' . We've all been there. Hopefully, they had a moment to pause and ponder about their Vintage TVs.

We are starting to see some real progress on these pieces. Diva #2 has selected some fabulous 50's yarn in those wonderful pink, black and turquoise colors which donned many a bedroom in the day. Diva #4 was going western with the outline of an Indian on a horse starting to appear in the foreground. [Please accept my apologies for asking whether it was a camel...] Diva #3 was able to finish her hem, select her yarns and start the building of her TV cabinet. Diva #5 was working a second piece of a framed dapper gent from the old west of our childhood memories. And a couple of us with looms at home, grabbed our pencils, notebooks and books of weaving techniques.

Our goal is to have our 9 interpretations of Vintage TV sets complete and ready for mailing on April 1. That leaves 28 days to complete our pieces. Thank goodness March is a long month!

I believe our progress is as follows:

00 % Ready to mail
22% Finished but missing the required twill backing
22% More than half done
44% Working on the first half
56% Bottom hem complete
100% Warped
100% Loom Selected

Perhaps I'll look into figuring out how to graph our think I'll go weave!

"till another Friday - -

Diva #1


At 8:32 PM, Anonymous jaflady said...

So which # Diva am I now? I thought I was #3 but as I was not there today and #3 was - guess not. Anyway I did get an inch of weaving done - hurrah!

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous The invisible one said...

Well, jaflady, that's being a real diva -- caring about which # you are! Hooray for the inch of weaving; that's a big percentage on these small pieces. My goal is to do the whole thing in the next few days.

At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Diva #1 said...

"inch by's a cinch"


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